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The Deluxe Ring of Fire Biochar Kiln is the cleanest and most efficient flame cap kiln yet.





The heat shield improves efficiency and also protects the user from heat.

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We are contacting manufacturers and getting pricing now.

We are contacting manufacturers and getting pricing now. It will help a lot if we know how many to order. So fill out the form below indicating your interest. We will get back to you with pricing and how to order.

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Giant Ring of Fire Kiln Eats Smoke

We used 5 sections of sheet steel (44" x 86" with 2" flanges) bolted together to surround a large slash pile. All the combustion air comes in from the above. This counter-flow combustion pulls smoke down into the flame where it burns for clean combustion. At the end, we quench with water and make biochar



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June 10 - July 15: Maintaining a Healthy Forest in an Uncertain Climate – Webinar Series

This webinar series is sponsored by the Oregon State University Extension Service. I will be presenting on biochar and forestry for small woodland owners.  For more information visit:

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About Kelpie Wilson

Kelpie Wilson is an engineer and analyst with 35 years of experience in renewable energy, sustainable forestry and resource conservation. 

Since 2008, she has focused on biochar. She has consulted with private industry and government agencies through her company Wilson Biochar Associates. Her contracts have included work for the International Biochar Initiative, Washington Department of Ecology, North Dakota Forest Service, Great Plains Biochar Initiative, Oregon Biochar Solutions, Long Tom Restoration Council, California Almond Board, and many others. She is also a founding board member of the US Biochar Initiative.

Kelpie works directly with forest managers, the wood products industry, and farmers to develop systems for making biochar from waste biomass. She researches and teaches techniques for using biochar in compost and manure management, and presents many biochar workshops every year. She was profiled by Capital Press as a Western Innovator in September 2016.

Our Approach

Wilson Biochar Associates can guide you and your business to opportunities in biochar. If you are a farmer looking for advice on applications, a resource manager looking for techniques for converting biomass to biochar, or a community member who wants to know more about biochar: 

  • Check out our e-books, white papers and webinars
  • Come to a biochar training session
  • Contact us to schedule consulting hours or initiate a larger project.

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Biochar is an exciting new field with great potential but significant uncertainties. That's where expertise from Wilson Biochar Associates can make all the difference for the success of your enterprise. Wilson Biochar Associates specializes in biochar technology, market development, education and outreach.

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